Maintaining natural thick and good looking hair is way much simpler than what most people opined of it. You only need the basic steps to get started with maintaining long neat thick hair. For instance, since our hairs are mostly composed of protein, it therefore makes adequate sense to maintain a healthy and protein rich diet if you so desire to keep your hair looking nice with lots of shines. In addition to maintaining a healthy diet, you will also learn a slew of hair care tips that will get your hair looking amazingly beautiful.

Wash it thoroughly

Although it is not very advisable to wash your hair every now and then as doing so may heighten the risk of dried hair and also leached of its natural oil. What we however advise is that whenever your hair needs washing, it should be done thoroughly with a good quality shampoo.

Shy away from using Shampoo that have high sulfates or parabens content

You really want to keep your distance from products that have high content of either of these two chemicals. While sulfates is the culprit responsible lathering in shampoos, parabens are preservatives known for causing skin irritation and eye defects after many years of prolong patronage. Since neither of the two chemicals are health-wise for anybody, it is recommended that you make use of the ones that have natural cleansers as those are safer and healthy.

Always follow up with a good conditioner after shampooing

One way of keep and maintaining a good and beautiful hair is by always applying the right kind of conditioner right after shampooing. Practice deep conditioning as it has been proven to be good for the hairs. There are different conditioners out there for specific hair type including long, thick and dark ones. Be sure that the ones you end buying and making use of are compatible with your hair type.

Avoid too much of protein in your curls

While protein is good for nice curls, too much of it will certainly be harmful to your strands. When there is too of it in your curls, it in most cases usually result in brittle hairs that breaks easily.

Brush it but not excessive

Yes, brushing has been discovered to stimulate follicles responsible hair growth however, too much of it can result in damaged strands leading to frizzle ends.

With all the about hair care tips listed above, we are sure that you will be well on your to developing and maintaining a nice looking glamorous hair that will win friends over and earn you lots and lots of complements from friends and your colleagues at the office. If there is any tips you find help and would love to share with the community, use the comment box below to share it and you can be rest assured that people who don’t even know you will thank you for it.

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